This mineral promotes the acceptance of the existence of the negative aspects which exist in the world, allowing one to recognize the issues and not to allow roadblocks to impede or limit progress toward development.  This attribute allows one to recognize the authoritative games of this plane and to continue in spite of the potential limitations.

Wulfenite allows one to accomplish the transition, from the physical plane to the psychic and astral planes, with expedience.  The time which is usually required to alter ones state is dramatically decreased.

It creates a strong connection between basis structures and higher dimensions, allowing for the channeling of vibrations to the Earth, and for the attunement to higher dimensions.  It is quite useful for connecting to the higher self.  It stimulates a bonding between souls who are on the Earth plane and have agreed to meet again during this lifetime.

Wulfenite can be used for preservation and rejuvenation on all levels.

Vibrates to the number 7.