Clear Quartz Crystal

The polarity of the quartz crystal will change when it is either subjected to pressure or heat, as well as when it is held in the hand.  The tip, normally positive and receiving energy, will then change and become negative, thus, emitting energy which will radiate from the tip or an edge.  These properties support the amplification, focusing, storage, transfer, and transformation of energy.

Quartz can be used to dispel static electricity and can provide for conversion and redirection of the energy toward a beneficial state.  It produces a naturally balanced, solid-state energy field, modifying the energy available in accordance with the understanding of the user.

Quartz crystals can be used to amplify both body energy and thoughts.  They can assist in the creation of power and can provide for clarity in thinking to enable thoughts to more effectively influence matter.

The quartz crystal can be used to facilitate both speaking with, and receiving information from, the spiritual and other-worldly entities.

Quartz crystals can be used to clear and activate the energy centers of the body.  It attunes well to the heart chakra and responds very well at the third eye chakra.

Clear quartz is used extensively in meditation, prayer, spiritual development, and healing.  It helps one to recognize the origin of a dis-ease.  It has been used in the treatment of vertigo, burns, skin disorders,  and digestive disorders.  It can also be used in the elimination  of kidney and bladder infections and dysfunctions.

There are many different types of quartz crystals, so the information given here is general in nature.  See other types of quartz crystals for their own properties.

Vibrates to the number 4.