Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamond is a unique form of quartz which crystallizes in the configuration of double-terminated short crystals.  This mineral was given the name due to the discovery of this mineral in Herkimer, NY, USA.

The herkimer diamond is known as an attunement stone.  It can be used to attune oneself with another person, environment, or activity.  It is quite important to use a herkimer diamond prior to the laying on of stones, or in other healing situations when the practitioner and the subject are not well acquainted.  Placement of a portion of a cluster in one location, while carrying another segment of that cluster on ones person, can provide for attunement to the activities or the energy of that environment.  For a continual attunement between two people, two herkimers can be held simultaneously by these people and each person can subsequently carry one of the herkimers.  This approach can also be applied to groups.

Some people who work in proximity to radioactive materials either wear or carry this stone as a form of protection and to facilitate the dissipation of any harmful rays.

The herkimer diamond is quite useful for dispersal of toxins which have accumulated in the body and for rebuilding the cellular structure.  It has been used to correct imbalances in RN/DNA  and in the metabolic rate.

The alleviation of tension and the calming of the outer bodies and the physical body produced by this mineral helps to align the energy structure of the user.  It is also quite helpful in releasing the tensions and rigidities of body tissues, further assisting in the recovery of memory by these areas, in order to facilitate healing.

Vibrates to the number 3.