Ametrine is a mixing of citrine and amethyst.  It is a stone to enhance universal equilibrium and provides a clear connection between the physical form and the ultimate state of perfection.  It provides for balancing of the male/female qualities and for an intellectual synthesis of spirituality.

In meditation and attunement, ametrine can help one to reach higher states more quickly, the expanded clearing effect bringing in the higher mental openings, leading to peace, tranquility, and cooperation.  It disperses negativity from the aura and fills the voids with energizing and stabilizing qualities of pure light energy.

Negative emotional programming can be released via the energy of ametrine, facilitating the transformation of those feelings to both a beneficial and constructive level.  In clearing emotional blockage, it provides one with insight regarding the necessity of cooperation and interaction.  It allows one access to the knowledge concerning the connectedness of all, and helps one to recognize the need for and to be comfortable with the actions to eliminate prejudice.

It can be used to stabilize and/or correct the RNA/DNA structure within the body.  It is useful for stimulating oxygenation of the body - providing the effect at the locations necessary without conscious knowledge of the locations by the user.  It can also be used to help one to both consciously recognize and accept changes to the body.

Vibrates to the number 4.