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Shungite: The Miracle Stone

This is how it was first introduced to me. ďGodís fix up for manís mess upĒ  

Man pollutes the waterÖ shungite cleans it up and re-energizes it.
Man pollutes the airÖ shungite cleans it up.
Man fills the ethers with electromagnetic harmÖ shungite mitigates it.  

It is said that shungite will purify air and water of pretty much everything. It is said to have a positive effect on almost every aspect of the body. So much is being said about shungite that itís hard to determine hype from reality. Itís even being called a medical miracle because of the fullerenes in itís makeup. Frankly, Iím a fan of shungite. Energetically, it feels good and even though initially it leaves a black residue on everything, it feels clean to me.  

My experiences with shungite have been positive. While visiting a friend who is a bit of a fanatic about limiting EMF exposure I dropped a shungite ring over the antenna of my wifi, expecting nothing, and to our astonishment we both immediately felt the difference. Happily I was allowed to leave the wifi up for the entire visit. A elderly dog that was quite ill and on several supplements and medication was gifted with a shungite pendant which was applied inside the collar one evening. The very next morning the dog was doing so well that itís oh so diligent parent completely forgot the supplements etc. The dog is still doing well several months later and even her coat and color have improved immensely (which many of you know is a good indicator of the wellbeing of an animal). Iíve been drinking shungite was for the last few weeks and the effects have been subtle. The only thing that seems solid enough to note at this point is that my skin hasnít been tearing as easily. As Iíve gotten older my skin has gotten more fragile and tears were common. There are many other stories that people Iíve turned on to shungite can tell but these are the ones I can directly attest to.  

In Russia the benefits of shungite have been public knowledge for several hundred years. Back in the day, Peter the Great created a shungite spa so that people could take advantage of itís healing properties. His soldiers carried shungite to purify their drinking water. There have been scientific studies preformed proving the antibacterial properties of shungite water. The Saint Petersburg Military Medical Academy has carefully studied and tested the benefits of shungite. A lot of research is being done on fullerenes which are found in shungite. Wikipedia reports (regarding fullerenes) : Buckminster fullerenes also inhibit the HIV virus. In particular C60 (fullerenes) inhibits a key enzyme in the human immunodeficiency virus known as HIV protease; this could inhibit reproduction of the HIV virus in immune cells. If it can kick HIV what the heck else can it do! Actually you will find many other studies recorded as easily as looking up Fullerenes on just Wikipedia. Thereís a lot of hype out there but thereís also a lot of real information if youíll get past the surface. Currently many experiments are under way to determine more ways to make use of the benefits of shungite.  

One of the things I find exciting is the idea that shungite mitigates the EMFís. People are becoming aware of the fields from cell phone & cell phone towers, electrical towers, radio towers, wifi (everywhere), computers,  but are we remembering the appliances like the microwave and even the refrigerator? Pretty much everywhere we are we are being bombarded to negative effect. Research has proven that this is having an impact on brain function, early aging, cardiovascular disease and up to 60% of cancers. I have not found what I consider an authoritative answer on how far out the field goes from the rock. Some sites give distances for the extent of the effect of the shungite pyramids depending on size from 3í to 10í.  Some people I am aware of in Florida have been doing experiments and say that the smaller rocks seem to have a field of a few inches and should be place by or on the wifi, computer etc. to nullify the field at the source. It seems to me that keeping the stone on the body would likewise set up a ď shieldĒ. Some companies are selling shungite magnets to put on fridges and microwaves, etc. The folks in Florida are stoked about shungite earrings to protect for cell phone use and to directly protect the brain. 

I encourage you to go explore, search the internet. Some key words: shungite, fullerenes, buckminsterfullerenes and bucky balls.  

 Send me an email to purchase any of the wonderful Shungite pieces below.

Beyond jewelry Lee has a significant amount of Shungite available.

She has:
Raw Shungite for water purification and enhancement
Shungite that is suitable in size for pet water bowls

Raw Shungite

Shungite smooth free forms various sizes and shapes

Shungite pyramids orbs
Shungite pyramids spheres pyramids cubes and merkaba's
Various prices and sizes available
Shungite Blocks suitable for one's desk (less obvious protection for the work place)

 Wire Wrapped ShungiteWire Wrapped Shungite
Shungite Wire Wrapped - Click for larger image

Shungite wire wrap pendants in Pure Silver, Sterling Silver or Copper
Shape, size and wrap unique pieces
Can be chosen and wrapped specifically for you or you can select from previously made.
All wraps done with clear focused energy and respect.

Please contact Lee if you have questions and wish to order some amazing Shungite.


(Click any photo to enlarge)

Pendant Shungite Black Topaz
Shungite & Black Topaz

Shungite Open Heart Pendant
Shungite Open Heart Pendant
Sterling Silver
Elite Shungite, Pearl and Fire Opals

Elite Shungite, Pearl and Fire Opals
Elite Shungite
Elite Shungite
3 Feathers? 3 Leaf?
Sterling Silver
Shungite Hand Crafted Pendant

Hand Crafted Pierced Design
Sturdy Weight Sterling Silver
Elite Shungite Ring (football shape)
Elite Shungite
Sterling Silver
Size 8.5
Shiungite ring size 7

Elite Shungite
Size 7
Celtic Knot Shungite Earrings
Celtic Knot Shungite Earrings
Sterling Silver
Elite Shungite Pendant w/ style bale

Elite Shungite Pendant
w/ style bale
Sterling Silver
Swirl Shungite ring

Elite Shungite Ring
w/ Sterling Swirl
Size 6

Elite Shungite Teardrop Pendant
Elite Shungite Teardrop Pendant
Sterling Silver
elite oval ring

Elite Shungite Oval Ring
size 6

shungite, onyx, topaz pendant Shungite, Onyx and
Smokey Topaz Pendant
One of the prettiest pieces
of Shungite jewelry I've seen.
2" from top of bale to bottom
of Smokey Topaz.
Sterling Silver





These are the wonderful bits and pieces I have on hand at the moment.  All items are, of course and as usual, hand selected by me for their energies and affordability. If you are interested in an item, simply shoot me an e-mail, let me know what it is and we'll work out the details of getting it to you.

Current offerings are:



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