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Full Readings, Short Readings, Mini Readings, Classes and Workshops are offered.  

Readings can be done in person or over the phone.

Money Back Guarantee!  That's right, if you are not satisfied, you do not pay.

 Full Readings- approx 1 hour- must be preset. I will take your birth number, full name at birth and those of the ones who are close to you (spouse, sweetie, children, close friend, parent, business associate) and give you insight on your life energy number, inner personality, outer personality, destiny numbers and karmic debt numbers. I also look at the transitional numbers meaning where you are in the moment and what down the road. I sit down with these numbers before our session to get additional information through guides in meditation. The fee for this session is $85.00 and up depending on how many others you want me to scope.  Contact Lee for your appointment.

Short Readings- approx 30 mins - I look at your birth numbers and the birth numbers of other significant people in your life. I share with you your Life energy number information (why you’re here) and your transitional number info (where you are in your program) I also look at this for the other folks you ask about and give insights on what’s happening between the energies. The fee for the session is $65.00 and up again depending on how many other people you want me to scope.   Contact Lee for your appointment.

Mini Readings- You show up at a location where I am already scheduled for a few hours and I look at birth numbers and transitional numbers. $10 - $15 depending on location, approx 10 -15 minutes.  Contact Lee for scheduling and availability.

Every Reading has a money back guarantee.

Full reading appointments must have check or cash deposit or Visa guarantee, any “No Show” must be paid immediately. The time was allotted for you and the bulk of the work for a full appointment is done before we even meet.

Numerology Down & Dirty

Numerology is a very accurate and effective tool for creating, diagnosing or understanding your life, relationships and your money. I refer to my style of numerology as down and dirty because much of the information came from the over thousands of readings I’ve done on the psychic lines. These readings were done in the current time of change on the planet. As a practical metaphysician I want what I offer to be current and applicable rather than theory.       

A numerology reading can give you insight into why you are here, what you came to work on, what’s up in your relationships (romantic and other) where you are around your money flow. Numerology can also offer you insights into how to adjust what’s going on in your life or keys to adjusting your attitude toward it.  

I became aware of numerology 20 years ago when someone “did my numbers”.  At that time I thought “I’ll never be able to figure out how he did that”.  I was wrong. I did figure it out and I used it as my main tool of connection for over 80,000 readings since. “80,000 readings!” you say, yes it’s true.  I helped in the start up several legitimate committed 900 lines and the need for people to get some reliable input was so great that I ended up grabbing a phone myself for several years. As an empath I needed a tool that would give me a little distance while assessing the client. I learned a great deal through this constant exposure. Information that could only come such a huge sampling of the population. The experience also honed my skills for all my private work.


Just shoot me an e-mail with the information  (see below) and let me know what type of numerology reading you desire.

Your Full Name: 

Your Name at Birth: 

Your Birth date:   (please enter as MM/DD/YYYY)

Any issues or topics you'd like to target: 

Your e-mail address: 

Your preferred payment method: 

 If you select PayPal as your preferred payment method, an invoice will be generated to you through PayPal.  Your reading will be emailed to you upon PayPal's receipt of payment.

 If you'd rather pay by certified check or money order, you will be sent an e-mail with the address to send your payment.  Your reading will be mailed or emailed to you upon receipt of payment.)



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