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 Geopathic Clearing?    
 "I didnít know I needed one."

  • Works to release and change locked in negativity in the geopathic grid that overlays any property, home or business.
  • Awareness of change is usually immediate. Shifts have been know to continue or take a few days to complete. Obviousness of Change dependant on density of negativity released and sensitivity of individual involved.
  • Work can be done on site or distance. Permission of person responsible to property required. Clearing work can be done 3rd or 4th dimensionally.
  • Clearing Feeís start at $100. Circumstances and locations can require higher fees.


GeoPathic Clearing - Details

Just as the country is beginning to adjust to the concept of Feng Shui, the next level of clearing and balancing comes in for our homes.

Have you ever experienced walking into a space and "felt" something?

Sometimes that something is quite nice or warm and fuzzy. Sometimes itís a sense of unease, disquiet or irritation.  It can creep up on you like an irritating background sound thatís just at the edge of your hearing.

Why is it that being some places can uplift your spirits, while others just seem to drain it?

Perhaps youíve wondered why a perfectly wonderful house just wonít sell. Professionals in design, home sales, scientists and metaphysicians can point out many things that cause people to respond and many of these things can be adjusted in minor ways.

Changes in color and placement (general design or Fung Shui), a good overall cleaning, aromatherapy (make it smell good), eliminating clutter even a fresh coat of paint can perk a place up. But if the energy field of that space is running negative or loaded with old limiting congestion, the problem will remain.

 Metaphysicians, scientists, and even the aborigines believe that there are lines of energy that surround the planet and create a grid. It is my understanding that this grid has been measured with an Ohmmeter. The lines seem to be six to ten feet apart. Many believe these lines work in part to hold a memory of the location through which they pass. They hold this memory forever unless something interferes with them. This energy does impact what it flows through.

Geopathic clearing is a process that can either jump these lines of energy up and over a property or clear them working with the deva of the property.


My two most recent experiences with Geopathic Clearing have been most interesting. The first took place on a property that had been on the market for several years and just hadnít sold. The owners had done all the recommended changes and upgrades. Yet the house hardly drew even the mildest interest. After a long stretch of no activity, as a last resort, the owners called for a geopathic clearing. They were not even sure what it was but were willing to try anything to get out from under this property. Within two months of the clearing, the sale of the house was complete.

The second was a clearing done to facilitate the recovery of the owner. This one got a little weird. While going through the initial check of the property I was surprised to find that the entire back half of the property was in a negative state. When I went in to do the clearing, beyond the normal junk, I found what I believe was the energy of two foot soldiers from the Civil war. They had been stationed there and ordered to hold the land. It seems that both were shot and  killed yet the energy holding the conflict still remained. Iíve been told that it is common to find leftovers from these conflicts all over the Atlanta area, "hot bed" of activity that it was. I am grateful that I do not come across this intense of a problem too often. However every property that I have been called to check had several negative lines. Not surprising when you consider how challenging life can be at times.

So why should we care if the electromagnetic grid in which we live is negative?
( I really hope that you see that as a rhetorical question.)

Just like that screech in the background it wears at you. It annoys everyone that comes in contact with it. The degrees may very but  negative energy, lines or otherwise, impacts us negatively.

People who have had difficult sleep many times find that there are not one but two perhaps intersecting lines over their beds. Sometimes there is an area of the house that just never gets used or doesnít seem as welcoming.

Old arguments or illness may be stuck in those lines keeping the "chi"  or life energy of that area suppressed.  When people smudge (using sage or sweet grass or incense or some herbal cleanse) they effect the ambient energy floating about in the area. This does little to impact the gridlines. There are other techniques that people use to clear more intensely than smudging but for adjusting locked in negative energy in the geopathic gridwork  I find that these geopathic clearings are the most effective.

If you are having any of the above symptoms, have property that is not selling, or anything that you may think could be assisted by a clearing ....

Fees begin at $100.00 per session and could increase depending on mileage and other considerations.  Contact Lee for an appointment for your property's clearing now!

Kudos from clients:

Dear Lee,

As long as I live I shall never be able to thank you enough for the geopathic clearing done on my parents' property. Not only was it fun, you let me participate a little and doing it long distance didn't even seem to slow down the process one iota! When I next visited my parents, I got that "proof" that I had asked for. A hole about 5 feet around and a couple of feet deep had blown open in their front yard. This hole was obviously caused by something that had been beneath their property bursting upward and outward toward that lovely vortex you spun over their home. Their health has improved and, even better, their attitude toward life, themselves, and each other has done a complete turn-around. A million blessings to you and infinite gratitude!

Shine On Indeed,



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