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Ear Coning / Ear Candling

Lee Ear Coning in the Great Outdoors

Ear Coning / Candling has MANY BENEFITS !! 

A holistic alternative to relieve:

  • Sinus Pressure
  • Stuffiness
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Some hearing difficulties
  • Ear aches
  • Swimmers Ear
  • Allergies
  • Sinus infections

Ear Coning has been practiced in ancient cultures, from prior to Egyptian times

Is not painful - and can actually be relaxing !!

Can remove YEARS of build up

The quality and type of cones DO make a difference - see below

It's affordable!

Private Sessions $65  

(Sliding scale available for groups, call for details.)

  Ear Coning Details

Ear InfoOf all the tools I offer to people, I think ear coning (or candling as some call it) is my favorite.

Ear coning goes back to the far recesses of time. There is a version of coning in use in virtually all aboriginal people. Evidence of ear coning goes back before the rise of the Egyptians.

As soon as one completes a coning the difference is evident. Sinus’s drain, pressure is relieved, stuffiness is released. People with ringing in their ears, various hearing difficulties, ear aches, swimmers ear, allergies, sinus infections and more find relief in ear coning. Ear coning is one of the most wonderful de-stressers. I’ve even had people fall asleep while I was coning them!

Ear coning is not painful and it can bring about tremendous benefit. Relieving the nerve endings in the ear of all that excess baggage benefits the immune system and on the metaphysical plane it acts as an internal smudging or clearing. Ear coning fell from regular use in the 1920’s when the move was on to make medical practice the only health care. Though medical science has brought about some wonderful benefits over time many other things of benefit to us were lost during that time (how’s that for an understatement?).

It tickles me when I find those rare families where a grandmother or great aunt still cones the family. That’s the way it was back in the day. It was part of health and hearing care. Remember that every time the ear hears a sound above a particular decibel level it creates wax. It’s a protection mechanism that is built in so anyone who works or plays in a loud environment (musicians, landscapers, factory workers, construction, printers, or pretty much anyone who is in traffic at any point will benefit. Also people who work around dust or other crud that can end up in that open orifice on both sides of our heads. The ear makes wax and that wax packs on top of the old wax which is packed on the old wax. Coning helps lift that wax out.

A coning client of mine in Florida has a son who regularly gets swimmers ear. His pediatrician treated him with a 10 day drop process if I recall correctly. She chose to cone one of his ears and treat the other with the drops. After one coning his ear felt fine. She did continue with the prescribed treatment for the other ear. But wound up coning him when on completion there was no noticeable improvement. When she took him in for the next checkup she spoke to the Dr. about the coning. He told her that he thinks coning is very effective but that it just was not cost effective for his practice.  I was impressed when she told me this story at the candidness of the Dr. All I have to offer is anecdotal information. But I have been apart of the process for many, many people who have received great benefit from coning.

The woman who makes the cones I use tells me that I shouldn’t focus on the wax. I should focus on the dust that also comes out. She informs that the dust has the yeast, heavy metals, pollen, pollution etc. that are straining the immune system. I think the wax is the cool part. It’s like when you’re a little kid and you see a really gross bug or something. It can be rather amazing, several times enough gunk has come out that we could have sculpted a bic lighter!

I do recommend that you have someone like myself (yes I would love it if you chose me) to cone you for at least the first time. I'll gladly show you how to cone yourself with a mirror and will answer any questions that I can.  I have done hundreds of conings for others and quite a few for myself.

It is good to learn how to do it for yourself though it is much more relaxing to have a practitioner do it for you. That way you can truly relax and get full benefit from the experience.

The cones I use are made in Sedona and are the best of several varieties that I have purchased and tried throughout the east. These cones cost a bit more but are well worth the extra investment. They are made with 100% bees wax and unbleached muslin. They are also a bit longer than others that you may find. The process of coning with them is also slightly different. Yes, you still light the wide end and stick the narrow end in your ear, but these you clear regularly rather than just burning al the way at once.

One coning can make a difference but if you have a long standing problem or just want to make a major difference in your bodies well being you may find that it takes 7 to 10 conings to completely clear the canal. This can take place over as long a period of time as you choose. After the initial clearing you may not choose to cone but once or twice a year. You will know when is the time because once you’ve felt how wonderful it is to be clear, you’ll also be aware of when it feels full. Knowing how to cone yourself can be a great scheduling benefit and can make a full clearing much more affordable. Though you may still choose to use myself or another coning assistant for pure relaxing indulgence and nurturing.

Private Sessions $75
Sliding scale available for groups, call for details.
Contact Lee for scheduling

Ear Coning / Candling Testimonial

In February 2011, I was stricken with the flu that was followed with an ear infection. As an early child, I experienced painful ear infections. All my life I have battled with respiratory and sinus infections. After years of antibiotics and home remedies, I decided to research ear coning. There were a lot of results in my local Google search....some good and bad. Luckily, I discovered a local woman with a creative flair and a love for the "alternative".  I could just tell from her website. So I sent The Energy Weaver (Lee Brown) a brief email explaining my current condition: miserable, stuffed head, clogged ears, etc. She replied and we met a few days later.
 I must say your first ear coning experience is unlike anything you will ever experience!! There is no pain, a little awarkdness that is followed by a whole lot of relief. As a regular "ear coner", now I breath easier, I hear better and I actually feel lighter as if all that wax was weighing me down! I have been to the doctor repeatedly only for them to tell me I got a lot of ear wax buildup. No rinse, no natural remedy or q-tip has ever worked. But ear coning saved me!

Voloria Pettiford



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